Qui suis-je ? (again)

Qui suis-je

J'arrive bientôt.

Saurez-vous trouver qui je suis ?

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12/03/2007 11:26:38
Ton site de météo pour concurrencer météofrance ?
12/03/2007 11:41:20
Concurrencer Meteo France est une tâche ardue :)

12/03/2007 11:49:25
Mais pas insurmontable !
Allez zou au taff !
De toute façon, moi je suis en exam, donc tu vas avoir booooooooooooocoup de temps libre... ;)
12/03/2007 16:52:58
Le printemps, l'été ? :D
12/03/2007 16:58:15
Ahhhhh, enfin, quelqu'un qui donne la bonne réponse :)
07/05/2007 10:59:18
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08/05/2007 20:16:12
Over the years your bodies become walking autobiographies, telling friends and strangers alike of the minor and major stresses of your lives.
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08/05/2007 23:30:17
All human situations have their inconveniences. We feel those of the present but neither see nor feel those of the future; and hence we often make troublesome changes without amendment, and frequently for the worse.
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09/05/2007 03:34:43
Humor is the only test of gravity, and gravity of humor; for a subject which will not bear raillery is suspicious, and a jest which will not bear serious examination is false wit.
10/05/2007 16:40:39
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19/05/2007 03:51:39
No one gossips about other people's secret virtues.
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19/05/2007 07:16:52
All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.
19/05/2007 10:24:10
A good man would prefer to be defeated than to defeat injustice by evil means.
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19/05/2007 14:34:18
Feet, why do I need them if I have wings to fly?
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19/05/2007 18:29:16
Excess on occasion is exhilarating. It prevents moderation from acquiring the deadening effect of a habit.
19/05/2007 21:50:54
The trouble with having an open mind, of course, is that people will insist on coming along and trying to put things in it.
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20/05/2007 01:18:12
I guess we'd be living in a boring, perfect world if everybody wished everybody else well.
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20/05/2007 04:51:57
The fact that an opinion has been widely held is no evidence whatever that it is not utterly absurd; indeed in view of the silliness of the majority of mankind, a widespread belief is more likely to be foolish than sensible.
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20/05/2007 08:26:07
One's destination is never a place but rather a new way of looking at things.
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20/05/2007 17:32:50
I've gone into hundreds of [fortune-teller's parlors], and have been told thousands of things, but nobody ever told me I was a policewoman getting ready to arrest her.
20/05/2007 21:09:45
If there is one thing worse than being an ugly duckling in a house of swans, it's having the swans pretend there's no difference.
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21/05/2007 00:35:10
We owe something to extravagance, for thrift and adventure seldom go hand in hand.
21/05/2007 03:43:39
I like coincidences. They make me wonder about destiny, and whether free will is an illusion or just a matter of perspective. They let me speculate on the idea of some master plan that, from time to time, we're allowed to see out of the corner of our eye.
21/05/2007 07:10:21
If you would be known, and not know, vegetate in a village; If you would know, and not be known, live in a city.
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21/05/2007 10:24:53
Famous remarks are very seldom quoted correctly.
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22/05/2007 20:06:27
Misquotations are the only quotations that are never misquoted.
22/05/2007 23:37:43
Each body has its art...
23/05/2007 03:36:09
Thomas Jefferson once said, 'We should never judge a president by his age, only by his works.' And ever since he told me that, I stopped worrying.
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23/05/2007 03:37:57
Walking is man's best medicine.
23/05/2007 03:39:03
Thomas Jefferson once said, 'We should never judge a president by his age, only by his works.' And ever since he told me that, I stopped worrying.
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23/05/2007 07:31:43
Music is essentially useless, as life is.
23/05/2007 11:37:58
Nothing in the world can take the place of Persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan 'Press On' has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race.
23/05/2007 15:09:43
He who laughs, lasts!
23/05/2007 18:21:18
The more freedom we enjoy, the greater the responsibility we bear, toward others as well as ourselves.
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24/05/2007 04:08:44
There is an applause superior to that of the multitudes: one's own.
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24/05/2007 08:05:31
I often quote myself. It adds spice to my conversation.
24/05/2007 14:32:18
The man who is swimming against the stream knows the strength of it.
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24/05/2007 18:02:11
Beware the pull on your heartstrings -- it's often the pursestrings that are actually being reached for.
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24/05/2007 21:36:51
Nothing takes the taste out of peanut butter quite like unrequited love.
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25/05/2007 00:46:35
Good habits, which bring our lower passions and appetites under automatic control, leave our natures free to explore the larger experiences of life.
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25/05/2007 04:26:46
Youth would be an ideal state if it came a little later in life.
27/05/2007 10:15:13
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27/05/2007 15:05:31
Curiosity killed the cat, but for a while I was a suspect.
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27/05/2007 18:40:46
Skiing combines outdoor fun with knocking down trees with your face.
27/05/2007 22:14:36
You can only cure retail but you can prevent wholesale.
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28/05/2007 01:57:37
Do what you feel in your heart to be right - for you'll be criticized anyway. You'll be damned if you do, and damned if you don't.
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28/05/2007 05:39:26
The knowledge of the world is only to be acquired in the world, and not in a closet.
28/05/2007 08:46:46
The pain of making the necessary sacrifices always hurts more than you think it's going to. I know. It sucks. That being said, doing something seriously creative is one of the most amazing experiences one can have, in this or any other lifetime. If you can pull it off, it's worth it. Even if you don't end up pulling it off, you'll learn many incredible, magical, valuable things. It's NOT doing it when you know you full well you HAD the opportunity- that hurts FAR more than any failure.
28/05/2007 12:22:02
All that is human must retrograde if it does not advance.
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28/05/2007 15:33:52
A little government and a little luck are necessary in life, but only a fool trusts either of them.
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28/05/2007 15:34:31
A little government and a little luck are necessary in life, but only a fool trusts either of them.
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28/05/2007 19:21:52
The older I grow, the less important the comma becomes. Let the reader catch his own breath.
28/05/2007 23:32:32
Better shun the bait, than struggle in the snare.
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29/05/2007 03:13:30
Patriotism is your conviction that this country is superior to all other countries because you were born in it.
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29/05/2007 06:24:15
A little government and a little luck are necessary in life, but only a fool trusts either of them.
29/05/2007 10:00:25
I ran the wrong kind of business, but I did it with integrity.
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29/05/2007 13:32:16
Computer Science is no more about computers than astronomy is about telescopes.
29/05/2007 16:43:51
There is surely a piece of divinity in us, something that was before the elements, and owes no homage unto the sun.
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13/07/2007 05:52:16
It is never too late to give up our prejudices.
13/07/2007 07:37:41
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13/07/2007 09:27:36
Poets have been mysteriously silent on the subject of cheese.
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13/07/2007 12:32:48
When you go into court you are putting your fate into the hands of twelve people who weren't smart enough to get out of jury duty.
13/03/2008 00:38:00
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